Camino de Santiago – Madrid – Sept 16, 2015

And we are off! Our British Airways flight departs Vancouver at 9:00pm and we begin our Camino.

As with all international flights, the journey is long and tiring however time seemed to pass very quickly. Ruth, Helen and I had only 30 minutes to manoeuvre our connection through the maze they call Heathrow! We said a very quick ‘Hasta pronto’ to Nichole, Sherry and Brian (their flight an hour later) and ran down escalators, up escalators, took the train to ‘A’ gates and arrived at the gate with seconds to spare!

Safely on board, we waited on the tarmac for 30 minutes – oh the joy of Heathrow airport! Finally we took off and following a very pleasant flight we landed in Madrid. My bag did not make the connection, and after sorting out the details I didn’t have to wait long for Nichole, Sherry and Brian. Within minutes we had their baggage and our transfer service drove us to our hotel, the Siete Islas in the centre of Madrid. It was beyond dark and we were very tired so we had a meal at the hotel. I had the mushroom risotto which was fabulous and was devoured in a flash.
By 10:30pm we were all back to our rooms for a good nights sleep! Buenos noches!

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