Day 1 Kathmandu, Monday April 29th

Awakened at 6am by a cacophony of  birds, dogs and Nepali heading off to work,  a beautiful day is dawning.

Amazingly I managed to sleep for another 5 hours and was ready to greet the day.  The breeze outside on my patio (yes a gorgeous large patio) is fresh and cool with  smells of coffee wafting up to entice me to breakfast.  I succumb as I realize I am quite hungry – travel does that to one.

Breakfast is a full buffet and before long the temperature has risen to a balmy 25C.  Bikesh arrives at 9:30am and after a short visit, Charles and Spencer head off to discover Thamel in all its glory.  Bikesh and I tend to details for the trek and catch up on each other’s lives.   It seems like just last month that I saw him, and the city is still so familiar.  Did I say I loved it here!

As the day progresses it is increasingly hotter & hotter – one sign said 35C!  Hot!  Best to enjoy it though as in a few days we will be shivering in the mountains.

Once the sun set and it cooled off a wee bit we wandered just across the street to the New Orleans Cafe for dinner – a lovelypatio spot that Charles says does look like a cafe in New Orleans.  They have great food, although not Nepali food, and we all enjoyed our meals.  Starting to yawn and nod, it is time for me to head to sleep.

A great first day!

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