Day 12 Lobuche to GorakShep, Friday May 10, 2013

GorakShep 5180m 2.5 hours

I had my best sleep from 5 – 7am and woke up with a start thinking I was late. We are meeting at 7:30 this morning, so I am good – whew!

We left Lobuche at 8am and slowly made our way to GorakShep following the Khumbu glacier that tumbles down the valley. At the half way mark we got our first glimpse of the tents at Base Camp.

We arrived and 10:30am or so and first order of the day – Ra Ra noodles and toast. The balance of the day is a rest day to catch up on sleep and acclimatize to the new altitude.

Charles read outside with his down jacket as the dining room gets a little stuffy. I stayed in and read a bit and then started chatting to a fellow, Mingma, that is a climbing lead up to the summit for the Peak Freaks expedition. He said they plan to summit on the 19th of May or thereabouts and the team is ready. The company is out of Nelson, BC so he said to look them up when we get to Base Camp as they will be happy to see fellow Canadians!

After a short nap it was time for dinner and then back to the room as the place is chock full of people. Charles and Spencer took a walk around outside to cool down.

Charles finished the book Dark Summit so I decided to read it and couldn’t put it down!

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