Day 18 Namche to Phakding, Thursday May 16, 2013

Namche 3445m to Phakding 2610m

Awake at 6am, I could hear the rain and see nothing but fog – no flights out of Lukla today!

I wandered down to the dining room and found Bikesh, Ishower and Tshiri already having tea. Obviously they have a strong constitution and tolerance. Spencer came down for breakfast (Swiss Roasti – YUM) however Charles is not feeling well. We have lots of time so will delay our departure to this afternoon or even do a long day tomorrow. Either works!

By mid morning it was apparent that Charles had picked up a bug somewhere – possibly the chicken last night? He is a trooper though and said let’s head to Phakding. We left at 10:30am and slowly made our way down the long Namche hill to Jorsale for lunch.

Charles is not doing well so we suggested we stay here overnight and leave in the morning. He opted to keep going so we did and made it to Phakding in 2 hours minutes before it started to pour rain. The rooms here at the Snowland and come with private bathrooms which is a bonus!

Charles slept and Spencer and I had an early dinner. My stomach is not 100% either and I had chicken as well last night so possibly I have a bug to a lesser degree!

I overhead a conversation between a New Zealand couple and their guide last night discussing the procedures for tomorrow. The guide commented that if they like the service of the porter that a tip was customary. I was dismayed to hear the fellow say, he gets paid to do his job doesn’t he? In our country people only get a tip if it is for extraordinary service. I can’t believe that this couple thinks that carrying their bag up to altitude, over rocks for 14+ days is not out of the ordinary! I have a mind to say something to them!

Other than that it was a quiet night and we were all tucked in our beds by 8PM. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

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