Day 19 Phakding to Lukla, Friday May 17, 2013

2610m to 2860m 3 long hours!

Well it may have been the chicken as my stomach was not well most of the night.  Poor Bikesh, he now has 2 sickies and a lively ‘Springbok’ on his hands.   Charles is feeling a bit more human, so him & Spencer went ahead with Tshiri & Ishower.  I, very slowly, made my way and although the journey is not far to Lukla, it seemed like forever!

We arrived around 11am and shortly after had lunch.  The guys decided to head out to ‘Starbucks’ for a tea & goodie and I hung around the teahouse with Bikesh.  The weather was was dreary with intermittent rain and absolutely NO flights coming in or out.  Many people had been waiting several days to get out so they were chartering helicopters.  The more days without flights the more expensive it got to get on the heli.  Someone told me it had started at $200 per person and today it was as high as $600 per person.  Fingers crossed that it clears for our flight in the morning.  Bikesh & I have been lucky so far so let’s hope that luck holds out.

Around 4pm I meandered to the Starbucks as well and had a latte and cookie – yum – and read a bit.  We all met back at the teahouse for an early dinner as our wake up time tomorrow is 4:45am.

Tshiri and Ishower were very happy to be back in Lukla.  Tshiri even got a nice new haircut and they were able to visit with friends.  We gave them their well deserved tips and they both just beamed from ear to ear!  Tshiri’s wife had asked for him to bring home a huge plastic barrel which she will use to make Roksi (rice wine).  Too funny.  They left us very shortly after – to celebrate with friends I am sure!

I had the chicken sizzler (I know chicken again – however Bikesh said in Lukla the chicken would be fresh) and it settled my stomach nicely – not sure why.  We were all tucked in our beds around 8pm.

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