Day 5 Jorsale to Namche, Friday May 3, 2013

3445m 2.5 hours
What a great night’s sleep – almost 9 hours! It must have been the soothing sounds of the Dudh Kosi River rushing past the teahouse.
Breakfast was another cozy ‘family affair’ in the kitchen. We took our time and left around 8am for Namche. Following the Dudh Kosi (Milk River) for the most part we then started climbing up the never ending switchbacks that will take us up 600m to the bustling valley hub of Namche Bazaar.
Encountering scores of returning hikers, countless yaks and the odd donkey/burro the journey went by quickly. We stopped at what was a favourite rest spot for the 2 legged as well as our 4 legged friends and had our first view of Everest. The air stream off the peak was huge indicating wild weather at the top.
Arriving by 11am we had plenty of time to explore the village. But first things first, tea and lunch. The Nest Teahouse is owned by the same fellow as the Everest (of Namche) where we have stayed previously. This newer lodge has huge rooms, toilet AND shower in the room as well as battery charging plugs, and great food. Talk about luxury.
Following lunch I wandered the streets of Namche filled with small shops of coloured yak scarves, T-shirts, yak bells of all sizes and several new bakery cafes. But I was on a mission to get to the German Bakery that we had visited last time. The lattes and baked goods are fantastic and they have a fantastic Balcony that overlooks all of Namche and the valley from where we came – absolutely stunning. While enjoying my latte I met a couple from Germany you were descending from Gokyo Ri.
On my way back to the lodge I bumped into the guys and we watched with amazement as 2 porters were carrying huge loads of ABS plastic pipe up the trail – what a job that was!
The guys had gone to a bakery but wanted to go to the German one, so we went up for a pre-dinner snack and some good stories – the guys have a million of them.
Bikesh was waiting patiently for us to order dinner and once fed we headed up to our rooms. All this napping and resting is going to become a habit – I love it!
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0 thoughts on “Day 5 Jorsale to Namche, Friday May 3, 2013

  • Nancy

    I remember Namche very well. I can picture sitting in the German bakery. It sounds like you had a much easier trek up the switchbacks than I remember. Wonder if it would be easier the second time around?

    • Nancy

      Oh yeah, I was sick back then. And Bikesh was a great help! It would definitely be easier. One day soon got to do it again. Wish I was there :).

  • naturaltrekking

    Wish you were here too Nancy! Yes you were getting quite sick by Namche.

    The hill up to Namche does seem easier the more you do it, likely as you know what to expect.

    The guys are fast (over 6′, long legs and fit) so I doddle along behind at my tortoise speed and catch up when they break. It has been good though – so far no headches.