Mancora, Peru – January 19, 2015

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What a beautiful morning we awake to. The sun is shinning, not a cloud in the sky and the beautiful beach of Mancora is right outside our window!

We don’t waste any time heading downstairs for breakfast and the make a b-line to the beach. We walk for a couple of kilometres to see what we can see and the plunk ourselves into the soft cushions of the bamboo structure beach chairs.

Finally, back into the bathing suit (well actually not one of my favourite wardrobe pieces) and toasty warm with the sun on our skin and faces. We relaxed for several hours before taking a much needed siesta to catch up on last nights sleep.

Refreshed and rested we took a moto taxi into town to pick up some fresh local fruit, snacks and wine. Upon our return it was happy hour time on our adorable balcony, wine along with snacks and before long it was bedtime. This is perfect!


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