Natural Trekking partners with USANA Health Products

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In addition to exercise, my inner health is important to me – I use my body constantly in my business and I need to nourish and look after it well.  I have tried many different nutritional supplements but when I was introduced to the science and quality behind USANA Health Sciences products I knew I had found what I had been searching for!

 This is a company that I can proudly partner with and I’m not alone!  There are over 600 Olympic and professional athletes that trust their health to USANA so I know you and I can too.  I take the Essentials (USANA’s ‘multi-vitamin’) and Procosa (for my joints) and love, love, love the chocolate peanut butter crunch snack bars for sustained energy (they were my essential snack all the way up to Mt. Everest base camp!).  I recently had the pleasure of trying the skin care products and they are fantastic – do yourself and your skin a huge favour and try them for yourself.

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