Update #1 On Nawalpur Village – Nepal Earthquake

May 19, 2015
I would like to thank everyone for your generosity supporting the various agencies and people of Nepal.  Helping others creates a great kinship among us.
Rajan Sakya from the Kathmandu Guest House (my favourite place to stay when there) sent the following in an email to me:

`Having gone through this event, I suddenly realized what William Shakespeare meant, “ONE TOUCH OF NATURE MAKES THE WHOLE WORLD KIN”. For a couple of days as tremors came and went, all guests and staff gathered and slept in different areas of the KGH (Garden, Patio, Courtyard and Lobby), we instantly became a family comforting and cheering each other. Such bonds are enduring. Moreover, what is making us all proud is the indomitable spirit of all Nepalese uniting and helping each other. Our resilient attitude is giving each of us hope and strength to overcome this calamity and revive all that we have lost.`

I would like to extend a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the following people for contributing to help Bikesh and his Village of Nawalpur!  Collectively we raised $2850CAD (over 240,000 Nepalse Rupees) which is the equivalent of over 5 months average salary in Nepal.  Words cannot express how grateful both Bikesh & I are!
Charles, Heather, Spencer & Stephanie Mulder         Lynne & Colin Moran
Heather Baker & Paul Martin                                       Shannon Hansen
Val & Ken Read                                                             Helen Smith
Tammy Watson                                                             Jim Chow
Fero Kohucik                                                                Lara Spence
Carole Halle                                                                  Shirley McLeod
Sue & Dave Jordan                                                      Stacey Armour &
Kate Clifford                                                                  Karen Vangelis
Anita Blonde                                                                 Wanda Woods
Anne & Carmen Mah                                                    Chris McGee
Ausma Smith                                                                Debra Golabek
Carole Roberts                                                             Nene Claur
Kelly Sekhon                                                                Genny Loo
Gail & Dave Gregg                                                       Bob Jackson &
Ruth Minchington                                                        Mary Feltham
Lois Tomlinson

Updates from Bikesh

My village has new house May 7, 2015 – our second trip to Dhading to bring tarpaulins and medicines to Kaphalchhap village which has not received any help from VDC or any organisation like red cross and others yet. About 150 people were staying under the few shelters they managed to build for themselves (see some of the pictures).In the last picture we brought more tarpaulins to my own village because last time we could bring only for half of the families. I also promised to bring corrugated iron sheets to my village so that people can build better shelters for the monsoon time which will come soon. Later they can use them also for building their house.


Love the Canada T-shirt!

May 17, 2015 – Dear friends.  Thank you very much for your help me and village. With what me and my friends collected it will get benefit for 132 family and three school too. Last Saturday we took corrugated iron sheets to 2 villages for people to build better shelters (see the pictures). we want to take some more on Wednesday for another village also.

Thank you for your compassion.

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