Camino de Santiago – Ligonde to Castaneda – Sept 23, 2015

Photos of our Journey
I really didn’t want to get out of my very cosy bed this morning, but I managed to get ready and be down to breakfast in time.

Jose, once again, out did himself with a fantastic breakfast. Many commented that it just couldn’t get any better than this, and Paul comments “tonight’s place is even nicer”. WOW

We leave on time and drive through beautiful, narrow tree lined lanes – what incredible scenery! Caryl & Jim (I call them the Antelope and the Gazelle), and several others start the walk from the 17km mark; others at the 12km mark; Sherry, Brian & I closer to the lunch pick up. Sherry & Brian want to conserve their energy for the walk into Santiago which is the most important for them. The cough and congested head seems to be running through the group so everyone feels different each day.

We arrive at Cafe-bar a Campanilla (means little bell) and settle ourselves in to wait for the group. It is a very pleasant spot to have a cafe latte and people watch. I catch up on my blogs while Brian & Sherry walk around to stretch their legs.

Caryl and Jim are the first to arrive and not too far behind are the rest of the team. We drive to our lunch cafe in Melide. The town is known for its pulpo (octopus) and will be one of the many dishes they serve us today. The meal is excellent and not quite as heavy as other days. We had salad, pulpo, of course, empanadas, small roasted peppers, cheese, bread (Galicia makes the best bread) and incredible desserts.

From here the majority head to the hotel and 5 of us walk the last 5km to Boente where Paul and Paul wait for us. I attempt to walk a distance with Caryl and then need to drop back as her pace is much quicker than mine. Heather, Margaret and I enjoy a nice walk through tree lined paths and past beautiful meadows and small farms. It really is a beautiful part of the world! The cafe in Boente is across the street from a very pretty little church.

Next stop, the Pazo de Sedor, our home for tonight. The 17th century house has been completely restored and is magnificent. Each rooms is unique and all rooms look out towards the beautiful Galician countryside. Absolutely delightful.

We rest for a couple of hours, some wandering the property taking pictures, others dipping their feet in the swimming pool. There are five other guests here from California, that are on Walks in Spain’s Self guided program.

Dinner was very good once again and larger than the “light” traditional dinners of Spain. I will certainly need to head directly to the gym as soon as I arrive home!

Today was a big day for most, 16+km so we all turned in early. Another glorious day on the Camino!

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