Camino de Santiago – Lodoso to Xan Xordo Sept 24, 2015


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Another wonderful sleep in this incredible countryside. 6:45am still comes to early though.

Breakfast was lovely and shortly after 9:00am were are on our way to walk. This is the last ‘long’ walking day as tomorrow is a short 7 or 8km into Santiago.

Caryl and Jim jumped out at the furthest point, most of the group at the middle point, and Brian, Nichole, Lois and I did the shortest version.

We are closer to Santiago so the walking is certainly not as remote however still very beautiful. We are seeing many more people on the trail which makes us all reminisce how much we liked starting back much further away from Santiago. After a very pleasant walk we stopped for a coffee and just enjoyed being there. We didn’t realize that only a few minutes further was our lunch meeting spot so we really didn’t need to make the first stop. Never mind, the whole experience is not to be rushed.

Our lunch stop was very pleasant with a huge yard so we sat in the sunshine and enjoyed people watching. The Wi-Fi was very good here (as opposed to the last two nights) so I took the opportunity to post blogs and photos. Seemed like a great idea until I realized I had far too much coffee, not enough food (at that point) and a splitting headache from staring at the iPad for too long. Thankfully the gang is all here and lunch was served, which helped a huge amount.

Tonight our hotel does not have a restaurant on site, so we were given the option of a place 500m from the hotel or we could purchase a ‘picnic’ style dinner. We stopped at a local super mercado (I love grocery stores in other countries), and many of us purchased snacks and wine.

From here, several of the group decide to walk the last 5km. Normally I would do so as well however I had no energy, so opted for relaxation time at the hotel.

The hotel Xan Xordo is another gorgeous country home that they refer to as Rural Tourism. There were a few other people staying here, but we took up the majority of the rooms.

I wandered down to the front courtyard and read my book under a gorgeous grape tree. Most of the grapes were still green, a few had matured and were super sweet and very delicious. Slowly several others joined me and we relaxed with a glass of wine and chatted. It was a very nice way to spend a sunny afternoon. Four or five of the group opted for the dinner and were dropped off by Paul & Paul. The sun was setting so we called it a night. I enjoyed a quiet evening engrossed in Spanish telenovelas!

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