Colombia – Bogota Jan 1, 2017


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Happy New Year 2017!
We must have been pooped from our journey as we slept in late this morning.  Although the weather reports threatened rain, it was a beautiful sunny day.  We, however we’re feeling a wee bit under the weather (could have been the wine and champagne, or possibly partially due to the altitude which is over 2600m or 9000 ft.).

We opted to relax and didn’t venture very far.  Around 4pm we felt better so we wandered towards Parque 93 following a delicious smell – we were quite hungry by this time.  Just around a corner or two, we found the restaurant ‘Mis Carnes’ and stopped in for a wonderful meal of steak and salad!  Soooooo yummy.

We slowly walked back to the hotel and resting up for a more adventurous day tomorrow.

Buenos noches.

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