Cotswolds – Sept 18, 2017 – Free day in Bourton-on-the-Water

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IMG_4268It was nice not to have any particular plan today. Several of us wanted to visit the laundromat in town so that took up a good portion of the morning, along with walking through the lovely streets of Bourton-on-the-Water.

A few of us stopped at the Bakery-on-the-Water for lunch which was very good, and just down the street from Harrington House. I managed to stay away from dessert as I know we are having tea today at 4pm. A good majority of the people left today as they were on a 3-day package. This afternoon the people staying on a 4-day package arrive. It was sad to see people leave, but the bright side is we meet new people and have afternoon tea today – yay! Amazing how the whole week focuses around food 😏.

It was a leisurely afternoon for everyone. I chose to sit in the warm sun in the large sitting room, catching up on my blog and photos. Once tea was served I moved to the cozy little bar and mingled with those coming in and out. As people left, I stayed on and carried on with the blog.

Before I knew it, Natalia came in to work and asked ‘are you waiting for me to pour you a drink?’ She is quite the character and teases us constantly – everyone loves her sense of humour. So tea time……..became quiet time, ………and flowed into happy hour. Like the ebb and flow of a tide, people filled the little bar and then settled into the large sitting area for descriptions on tomorrow’s walks.

Descriptions given, we are called in for dinner which is always fabulous! Following dinner tonight’s entertainment was a series of word games and actually a lot of fun. Off to bed for a good nights sleep, tomorrow is another hiking day.

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