Day 2 Kathmandu, Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

Day 2 dawns again with the cacophony of chirping birds, barking dogs and a cuckoo bird thrown in for good measure!

I slept well and arose at 5am, long before the breakfast buffet opened, slipped downstairs to the computer room and caught up on emails and my blog posts.

Charles and Spencer are off on a city tour and Bikesh and I tend to our airline tickets and obtaining my NCell SIM card. Seems like two very simple tasks however in Nepal things move slower and this took us until 2PM. All is good as I now have full access to my email and my blog right from my phone!!! Oh happy day!

NCell was across town so we grabbed a taxi. 10 minutes from the hotel the driver stopped the car on one of the busiest streets and said sorry, there is a problem. I thought maybe we had run out of gas (that has happened to us in the past) but we had a flat tire! We jumped out and walked the rest of the way, stopping to purchase fresh fruit & goodies for our trek. We then arrived back to the hotel in fine style via Rickshaw.

The guys returned from their tour regaling stories of swimming monkeys at the Monkey Temple and flamboyant Yogis sporting Rolex watches!

The next big item for the day – where to have dinner? The guys had been at a great spot the day before and after wandering a few alleys we found the correct one that was long, narrow and lit up like Christmas. Passing by several restaurants, different music coming out of each one, we arrived at a cute courtyard restaurant and sat ourselves down. The food was good and we wasted no time eating and heading back to the hotel as 4am will come early.
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