Italy – Framura & Bonassola Sept 20, 2014

Very sad to say that this is our last full day in this beautiful area.  Some of us head back to Vancouver and some carry on to Firenze (Florence).  It has been a lovely week, just went by far too quickly!
The hikers for the longer hike left at the usual time of 9am, while the shorter hike met at 10:15am. All of us headed out together and caught the train to Framura – one stop north.  Framura is not just one village, but a collection of villages (commune) that are scattered up into the hills.  From the station we took a series of steps up to the road and continued to climb steadily up many, many stairs to the village of Sette, where we are scheduled for a coffee break.
Several of us have decided this is a good place to turn around.  I would have loved to go onward, however my knee is screaming ‘NO’ just like the Italians!  And although the day is cloudy, the humidity is about 95%.  So…………the hikers departed – they are off to an agri-tourismo farm for lunch – and the 5 of us stayed behind and enjoyed a cappuccino, before heading down by bus. Up is ok for our knees, it is the downward motion that is a killer.

Doris and Judy took the train on to Levanto in search of knitting and quilting shops, and Leslie, Margie and I got off in Bonassola.  Rather than head back to our rooms we stopped at the Antica Guetta Restaurant (means small old cove) for lunch.  Our table overlooked the sea and the sun came out which added to the beauty of the place.










After lunch we strolled back to the Hotel Delle Rose and took it easy until dinner.  I asked the ladies to meet a wee bit early and we had a group photo with our t-shirts.  We exchanged email addresses during cocktail hour and then had what Dana called “Our Last Supper”!  We all retired early to pack up the suitcases and prepare for our departure.

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