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L and L Events
 Does a day away from the ordinary sound like a nice idea?
Do you like fine food and wine? shopping? photography? farmgate markets? hiking? walking? discovering hidden places? being catered to? chauffeured about? easy camaraderie?  Well, We Have It All!
Check out our ‘Breakaways’ for 2014
        Saturday, May 10:           Treasure Hunters (our maiden voyage) FIND OUT MOREThe Treasure Hunters
        Saturday, July 12:            Déjà vu to you – We are off to the Wellbrook Winery in Ladner to experience the Deja Vu Vintage Market.  This open-air market has a turn-of-the-century atmosphere.  Combined with unique vendors and quality wines Deja Vu Vintage Market will be a unique shopping experience!  Visit Deja Vu Vintage Market to learn more.  And in true Lois & Lynne tradition we will add other delightful activities to the day!
        Saturday, July 26:           Happy in Haney – Today we will make our way to the quaint historic downtown of Haney.  The day will include a hike in the area along with our signature wine tasting, eating & shopping activities!
        Saturday, August 23:     Callaghan Country – A hike in the pristine wilderness of the Callaghan Valley does wonders for the soul!  A gourmet lunch will be served upon our arrival at the Journeyman’s Lodge, nestled among glacier clad peaks and multi-coloured wildflowers.
        Sunday, September 7:    Le Bon Marche – a delightful trip to the George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary and then on to the Ladner Village Market for lunch & shopping.  Other delights like wine tasting, markets & food samplings will be included.         
        Sunday, October 26:       Wondrous Weekender – A mystery tour – details to be shared later
        Saturday, November 22:     The Christmas Express – A hit last Christmas, this is the tour to kick off the Festive Season.  Shopping, food, wine and chocolate – need we say more!  This tour is not to be missed!
        Saturday, November 29:    Birds of a Feather – The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival is our destination today
For more information call Lois at 604-836-2321 or www.breakaways.ca
Register Early ~ seating is limited, but the fun is abundant!
noun: breakaway; plural noun: breakaways
a divergence or radical change from something established or long standing.
“the beach is a breakaway from the office”

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