Mancora, Peru – January 20, 2015

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Another beautiful sunny day in this little paradise. Following breakfast we decide to head back into town via Mototaxi. In the taxi we took a “Facey” – Fero’s word for Selfie! Ha ha.

In town we picked up a few things and then perused the shops for souvenirs. Not much appealed to us but we did find some cute T-shirts for the grand kids.

Shopping completed we zoom (well as quickly as a mototaxi can zoom) back to the hotel and the beach. It seems hotter today so we alternate between the beach chairs and the surf. Mid-afternoon it was time for a siesta and then relax on the balcony to watch the surf from there. For a small place there was certainly lots of activity.

Just before sunset I popped down to take some glorious photos. We continued to sit on the balcony until sleep overcame us and off to the land of nod.

This is just what we needed!

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