Nordic Walking / Urban Poling through Lynn Canyon

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Tue Aug 7, 2012 – Another lovely walk in the forest with great people and Henry, Sylvia’s gorgeous dog!
The morning began with a yummy latte and one of our favorite spots – the End of the Line General Store in Lynn Valley. From here we followed the trail in the direction of the Seymour Demonstration Forest making a right turn to head to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.
Some of us braved the crossing of the Suspension Bridge while others enjoyed the forest canopy, sounds and smells. Even Henry ‘conquered’ the bridge!
For the return journey we walked over a fairly easy trail of roots and rocks to the 30ft pool and although inviting only Henry braved the ice cold water.
Photos taken it was time for the return journey. Will it be back the same route or do we tackle the STAIRS??! Ahhhh what a keen bunch we are as it was decided we take the stairs.
I myself have not counted them but have been told there are 250 of them. I shared a technique that we use when trekking at high altitude called the alpine step. It is a very simple technique – take a step, straighten your knee and pause, take the next step and repeat. The action of straightening your knee and the short pause helps to keep your heart rate lower and allows for a nice steady rythym or pace. Tackling stairs or steep hills with this method almost eliminates the need to stop and rest.
Our group was thrilled with their progress and amazed to arrive at the top in good time and not out of breath.
Upon our return we ate a well deserved lunch at the General Store. A great start to the day!

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