Day 10 Kilimanjaro – Oct 5, 2013 Karanga Camp 3939m

What a glorious sleep until 4:00am. I was having weird dreams and being at 4600m yesterday was causing a bit of restless breathing. I fell back to sleep until 6:00am when the ravens made such a racket, I got up.
Breakfast was a wee bit later as toady is a shorter day. Ema served us our porridge, eggs, bacon, toast and crêpes!! Very delightful.

By 8:45am we were on our way to tackle the Barranco Wall. It is a 300m imposing rock wall and we started up it at a snail’s pace. After a short bit the guides took our poles and we did about half an hour of scrambling up the ledges. Both Si and Jim decided they liked scrambling and I rediscovered that I do as well. We inched ourselves past the rock John calls the ‘give Kili a hug and kiss’ rock and finally after 2 hours we reached the top of the wall at over 4200m.

We are still only half way to camp and start several steep ascents and descents and finally arrive at the Karanga Camp at 1:00pm. Ema has lunch ready to be served – scrumptious carrot ginger soup and pasta with veggies, chicken and homemade tomato sauce. It was delicious except poor John had to eat with the boys again.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon however the wind was chilly. Jim and I chose to stay in the dining tent, me blogging and Jim reading. It was glorious to have a free afternoon to relax and the views from the Karanga camp were gorgeous!

Popcorn and tea was served in the afternoon by the ever attentive Ema, and not long afterwards we had another delicious dinner. Antonio, our cook is amazing at what he can whip up in the middle of a mountain the feels more like being on the moon rather than earth. A porter climbed up today with fresh veggies and fruit so we had the sweetest watermelon for dessert!

As per normal, we all headed to bed as soon as dinner was over. The sun sets around 7:00pm and it starts to get chilly so the best place to be is in a sleeping bag. I take my trusty water bottle filled with hot water and snuggle in for a good night’s sleep.

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