Breakaways Croatian Vacation – Sept 30, 2017 2

Photos of our Journey

Well 4:00am comes very early, but it’s time to get up to catch our flight to Madrid & Dubrovnik. Cecilia wakes up to give me a hug goodbye and off I go. I am going to miss the group and Spain. 😢

Ellen and I collected our ‘picnic’ breakfast and were at the airport by 4:40am – even before the Iberia Airlines check-in was open! Check- in went quickly and before we knew it, we were on the plane to Madrid. I fell asleep even before we took off and was jolted awake on landing – now that is the way to fly.

Refreshed we got off the plane and headed straight for a cafe con leche and consumed our breakfast of ham & cheese sandwich. We passed through police/passport control and a short time later we boarded our flight to Dubrovnik. The flight exactly in time and before I knew it, we were preparing to land. I checked my watch and we were 1/2 early – bonus!

So excited we made it here without a glitch and sent a text to Lynne to let her know touch down had happened. Caroline sent a text that she was here and waiting with Martin, the HF Holidays tour leader – whoo hoo, plans are working like a well oiled machine!

By 2:00pm we arrived at the Hotel Lapad and were greeted with excitement to start the holiday! It was so good to see everyone and there were lots of hugs all around. Soooo happy to be here, on time, and safe & sound.










The drive up the Dalmatian coastline to Baska Voda was absolutely stunning. The sun reflects off the blue Adriatic, and each curve in the road brings another fantastic view. We are all loving this! We stop half way in Bosnia/Herzegovina for a refreshment and comfort stop. Ice cream seems to be the popular treat for the group. Just as quickly as we enter the little piece of Bosnia, we leave it and are back in Croatia. The views remind me so much of the Sea to Sky highway and Howe Sound – lovely.

At 5:30pm or so we arrive in Baska Voda, and what a gorgeous beach town it is. The beach in front of the hotel is very nice and the hotel is superb. One of the first places I have stayed in where the hotel is nicer than the photos.

Our rooms are ready and we are quickly given our keys. Our room faces the ocean and is spectacular! Lynne & Colin are on one side, Janine & Sharon on the other, Caryl & Margaret next to them and Holly & Hal above us. I am sure others are close by too, nice to be all together.

At 7:00pm we gather in the bar off the lobby for our welcome cocktail, introduction and program for the week. It’s going to be a good week. At 7:30pm dinner is served including a buffet with soups, salad and antipasto. Seriously have to pull back on the food when I return home!

Most of us finished our wine back in the lobby bar and by 10:00pm we were all off to sleep.

A great first day.

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    • naturaltrekking Post author

      Oh there is, finally just had a chance to finish it. If there is any information that I entered incorrectly, please let me know!! It was lovely to meet both of you, and I hope we can connect again in the future. Lois