Cusco – January 6, 2015

Today we didn’t need to get up early, so we were quite annoyed when a group of Trekkers were sitting outside the rooms chatting, laughing and then arguing – having no respect or courtesy that other hotel guests were still asleep. Finally I opened our window to ‘enlighten’ them that others are still sleeping and to take their discussions elsewhere. I received a heavily accented ‘sorry’ but other than that my comments fell on deaf ears as they didn’t budge or lower their voices. Finally their transfer came at 7:00am and it was peaceful once again.

We had a leisurely breakfast and then checked out. We fly to Trujillo this afternoon and the Hostal has been very kind to hold our backpacks while we wander around Cusco. Today is warm and sunny (so far) and it is a very pleasant walk to the Plaza de Armas. Today is el Dia de Los Reyes Magicos (the Three Kings) and celebrations were everywhere, music, dancers in very elaborate glittery costumes and even a very small parade of the Three Kings on horseback.

We took countless pictures while the sun shone and when the inevitable afternoon clouds rolled in, we did what any sensible tourists would do – we went for lunch! We found a place just off a small plaza and settled on the patio to do some people watching. We didn’t last long, however as the wind came up so we moved inside. We weren’t overly hungry so we had appetizers and they were amazing – the cuisine in Peru is so much more than I imagined.










At 2:30pm we called our taxi friend Fernando to pick us up in the plaza, pick up our luggage and to the airport. He was thrilled as it meant more business for him and it was much easier for us. When he dropped us off at the airport we also gave him some Pisco that we hadn’t finished drinking – he was really thrilled with that!!

We were very early for our flight but by the time we checked in and went through security it was time to board the flight. We had great seats well behind the wing so the views leaving Cusco were fabulous. We could also see Urubamba and the Sacred Valley in the distance. Spectacular!









We had a three hour layover in Lima which went fairly quickly until our flight was delayed. There was an equipment change so we had to wait for a new flight crew. We finally arrived at Trujillo airport shortly after 11:00pm. Señor Ramos was patiently waiting for us to take us to the Hotel Bracamonte in Huanchaco a short 5km ride.

The hotel is a very nice 3* with a fresh water swimming pool and nice little restaurant. We upgraded our room to one with a sitting area and an outdoor patio – we are happy. We had a glass of wine to celebrate our arrival and finally went to sleep around 1:00am.

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