My most interesting City Tour

Early this week I had a request to give a City Tour but with a very interesting twist! 
My customer is from Asia and didn’t want the traditional tour, she wanted to visit areas that sell organic items.  Her family owns a cafe in her home city and they are looking for items to import that would sell well.  Organic items are sought after and from here the research began.
I spent several hours searching for Farmer’s Markets, grocery stores, farms etc. that sell organic items and then putting an itinerary together that would encompass as much as possible in the 8 hours that we had.  It was so much fun organizing the tour and in the process I learned so much!
She was a delightful lady and we had a grand time visiting many parts of Vancouver  in the quest to find the perfect items to ship to Asia.  Saturday was a perfect day to wander through the Farmer’s Markets.  The booths were plenty, stocked with fresh veggies, fruit, wonderful baking and incredible sauces and dressings. 
From here we found several Organic Stores and she was in heaven shopping for as many items as my vechicle would hold.  She had already been to Granville Island, Whole Foods and Choices so we headed to Commercial Drive.  Drive Organics and Sweet Cherubim were absolute gems and definitely on my shopping route from now on.
Later in the evening I dropped her off, very content to have purchased so many wonderful foods.  It was so much fun to show her our beautiful city through a very different kind of tour!

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