Italy – Bonassola to Firenze Sept 21, 2014

It was very sad to leave Bonassola and the Hotel Delle Rose but we must 🙁

This time the bus company sent a shuttle to pick us up rather than wind the huge bus around the hairpin curves. Shortly after 9:00am we are on our way to the Pisa Airport. Nancy, Ellen, Caroline and Judy are off to Vancouver and we will miss them – Arrivederci ladies, and safe flight!

Once the gals are through security, the 7 of us catch a bus to Florence and arrive a short hour later. From the Stazione we walked for approximately 15 minutes and arrived at the beautiful family run pensione Consigli Hotel situated along the Arno river.  We check in and Margie, Doris and I are thrilled with our Jr. Suite with the terrazza (although we don’t spend as much time on it as we would have liked).










Around 3:00pm, Sandy met us and we head to the Cafe 900 for lunch. The weather has once again become hot & muggy and although I would love to see more of Florence, Doris and I chose to head back to the hotel. The ladies had a glorious afternoon seeing the sights of Florence with Sandy and, of course, the delights of shopping. Doris and I had a quiet afternoon and recharged our batteries.









At 7:30pm we all walked back towards the centre and met up with Ed & Sandy and Lisa & Albert from California at Sandy’s favourite restaurant/Osteria. It was a busy night at the restaurant however once we were served our wine and drinks, all was well.  And when the food arrived, it was absolutely wonderful. We ate ‘family style’ which allowed us to taste a large variety of dishes. It was all so very, very delicious and the dessert was out of this world. An extremely enjoyable meal.

We meandered back to the hotel and it was lights out for all of us!

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