Day 7 Namche to Tengboche, Sunday May 5, 2013

Down to Phuki Tanga at 3300m and up to Tengboche 3900m, 5 hours

Awake again before the alarm at 5am. Ready to head down for breakfast at 6:30am. We left at 7:45am and steadily made our way up out of Namche and followed the trail alongside the mountain. We had constant views of Ama Dablam and Everest however it was very hazy so not the best for photos.

Spencer has boundless energy so I call him Springbok. He literally bounces up and down stairs just like one! The guys are generally right behind the porters and are always laughing. Tshiri has a multitude of music on his phone and if Spencer knows the song, he sings along. This brings great gales of laughter from Tshiri and before long we are all laughing. At one rest stop we were thinking we could give Nepali dance lessons and charge 100 Rupees each.

Lunch was at a new place just before crossing the bridge at Phunki Tanga – the food was fabulous. From here we start the long climb up to Tengboche. We arrived early at 2PM so hung about and relaxed. Bikesh took the guys to the monastery however there was a major film crew inside and they had to leave. I will take them in tomorrow morning instead.

To entertain himself, Springbok (Spencer) has been out running with the yaks – he LOVES the yaks. At the market in Namche a fellow had one for sale and he told us he wanted to buy it.

Although we all wanted to nap, we managed to stay awake until dinner at 6PM. The food was the best yet! I had the pasta with tomato sauce and cheese and it was incredible. The guys had tuna chowmein with chees and said it was fantastic.

I couldn’t wait any longer and wet to be and fell asleep at 7:30PM!!!! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

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