Quito – January 16, 2015

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Amazingly I slept in until 8:00am – I must have been tired! Our plans for today are to take the Teleferico (the highest cable car in the world) up to the Pichincha Volcano.

Our taxi dropped us off at the entrance and we could already feel the difference in elevation. The cable cars hold six people and look very similar to the gondolas at Whistler, however they travel at a much slower speed.

By 10:30am we arrived at the top at 4050m. Today is a beautiful clear day and the views of Quito are stunning. We ventured up another 100m or so in elevation and revelled in the views and just being in the mountains. There are trails that carry on up further to 4696m but we will have to leave that for another time.

As typical for Quito, the clouds are forming and getting windy and grey so we decide to return to the city. On our gondola ride down, we met a couple from New York who we shared a taxi with – really nice people.

We were craving some of the wonderful tomatoes grown here and were lucky enough to find a little fruit & veggie store that had some beautiful ones. We then went to a nearby panaderia (bakery) and picked out lovely crusty buns and had the BEST tomato sandwich in the world. It was so good we had two!

We spent the latter part of the day chilling – just as well as the torrential rains were back for the balance of the day!

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