How you can give perfect Xmas presents with a single phone call!

 My good friend Carolyn Sinclair from USANA sent me the attached and I think it is a FANTASTIC idea.  I wanted to share it to all of you to help with your Christmas shopping list.  Everyone can use a ‘Santa’ to help them out!

Would you like to avoid this!

What if YOU could avoid the stress and press of holiday gift shopping…?What are the top 3 things people think about when giving the perfect gift:

 making it special and impressive
fitting their budget
 wrapping it and delivering it

And YOU can have all 3 with just one call to Carolyn at 778-227-2257.  

There’s nothing more special than luxurious, celebrity endorsed, award-winning, chemical-free skin and body care (for everyone who has skin!)
OR A yummy, good-for-you, easy cleanse and detox package for after the holiday extravagance (even includes chocolate!)
OR Giving someone the gift of looking Ten Years Younger!  OR feeling Ten Years Younger!  OR Both! (always appreciated)

Your budget will be happy – Choose from $25 to $2000!
I’ll wrap your lovely gift and deliver it within Metro Vancouver.   *Outside Metro Vancouver your gift will be shipped to the lucky recipient.
Your budget + my expertise/products = WOW!

Carolyn 778-227-2257

Here are just 3 sample gifts (every order is customized):


 “Soak and Soothe”
Who in your life has stress?  Who do you want to pamper?  The “Soak and Soothe” contains nutritious cream masque, tangerine bath & shower gel, intensive lavender hand and foot cream to relax and rejuvenate him or her from head to toe.  Ahhhh… “Soak and Soothe”
Gift wrapped and delivered*  $75 (tax included)


“Ten Years Younger”
Who doesn’t want to look and feel ten years younger?
This luxurious gift nourishes the body from the inside out and the outside in with:
1) complete skin care created with rejuvenating botanicals and replenishing vitamins;
2) complete hair and body care with silk and proteins that cleanse and protect; and nourishing, firming body lotion; and
3) Essential nutritional supplements to feed every inner cell in your body!
“Ten Years Younger”  Gift wrapped and delivered* $400 (tax included)


 “After the party…”
Who do you know would love help with their New Year’s resolutions?  Give them a 5-day yummy, healthy cleanse (doctor approved) and a liver support supplement!  Imagine helping someone feel great in January!  (Hey, maybe this gift is for you!?!) 
“After the party…” Gift wrapped and delivered* $150 (tax included)

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