Nordic Walking / Urban Poling Clinics & Classes

“The Difference a Pole(s) Makes – I am walking straighter, my hip pain is virtually not noticeable and I can now walk for 40 minutes which was previously impossible”

Client Heather B. on Nordic Walking/Urban Poling

 Ever wonder what those poles are for? They are a fantastic fitness tool used to work 90% of your muscles targeting your upper body.  This full body workout tightens your core muscles, upper arms and back while improving balance and posture.  A great way to exercise!  

 Private clinics and ongoing weekly schedules.  If you don’t see a time or date that suits you, please call Lois at 604-836-2321 to arrange alternate times.  Or if you would like to have a regular walking program for you & your friends, all we need is 4 and you can choose the time & day that works for your group.  Walks can include a variety of trails & terrain. 

 Nordic Walking (Urban Poling) Clinics

Available on request – 1½ hr instruction & use of poles

Cost: $45 for Clinic, $135 (includes purchasing your own poles!)

I would like to share a testimonial from one of my very dedicated Nordic Walker/Urban Poler from my North Shore Volunteers / HomeCare West classes.

 “Urban Poles are a MUST for these two Seniors”, says Kate Clifford, aged 77, referring to herself and her husband Henry, aged 80.  “I can’t say enough about the benefits of my Urban Poles.  They became my ‘lifeline’ for 8 months while suffering with painful sciatica.  The poles provided me with wonderful support and balance while keeping my posture upright.  They also gave me a feeling of security as I healed very gradually over those many months.”

 “My husband is dealing with heart and balance issues and has his independence thanks to his Urban Poles!”

 “I originally purchased the ‘comfortable’ Urban Poles for my athletic pursuit to enhance my walking.  I love the great upper body workout and took my poles everywhere and highly recommend them for all seniors.  Little did I know how therapeutic they would be for my medical condition.  Now that I am 95% recovered, I continue to enjoy miles of Nordic Walking/Urban Poling.”

 “P.S. I would like to thank Lois of Natural Trekking for teaching me the huge benefits and proper technique of Urban Poling…… is so much fun!!”

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